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Positive Change – an Interview with Carla Spalding – Ep. 632

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark talk with Carla Spalding about fixing our Country.


Today’s show rundown: 

Twitter has launched an investigation into Chuck Woolery for a post he made over the Memorial Day weekend

Chuck was dropping facts on CRT and its history – and now he loves Hitler according the Twitter-BOTS

A brief chat on how RIGHT WE WERE on the Wuhan virus over a YEAR ago

The media is BLAMING Trump & Republicans for NOT being serious people and that’s why they weren’t reporting on the China Virus.

Mark introduces our Guest Carla Spalding

Carla talks about Memorial Day and the REAL reason for the holiday

Came to the U.S. from Jamaica, joined the Navy, then moved to Florida

The Democrats look at the military as a petri dish

“If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” – Joe Biden

How is any black person NOT offended by how the left identifies Black Americans

Have Black Americans been led to lose their identity

Chuck is a Kentucky Colonel

If you don’t love America – you should be allowed to run for office

Modern news outlets are more Propaganda Arms than they are news channels

Heath Care is still not affordable


Carla Spalding is an American Patriot who moved to the United States from the Island of Jamaica at the age of 18. As a proud American citizen, Her story epitomizes the essence of what makes this country great! She is a Veteran, College Professor, Registered Nurse and above all, a single working mother. Her life experience illustrates her passion to serve others and her desire to better the future of the people around her. Despite differences, experiences, and challenges Carla believes it is our American spirit that allows us to endure any circumstance and prosper. She is known for her commitment for helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. She proudly served in the United States Navy and later earned a Master’s degree in Nursing with a specialty in Education. She is a Mental Health Professor and a former nurse at the VA Regional Medical Center. Carla is also a published author, a College Advisory Curriculum Board member, Former Associate Director of Nursing and former Council Secretary for the Salvation Army in South Florida. Before leaving the VA Regional Medical Center, Spalding was honored as Nurse of the Year in 2013 in recognition of her hard work and dedication for service to veterans. 

Carla is running for Congress in District 23 to defend our country and its people. 

Get Carla’s Book Here –

Twitter – @carla_spalding


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