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Power the Size of Economies – an Interview with Craig DeLuz Ep. 727

Today’s show rundown:

We’re laughing here today talking about gas prices – please understand this, if you have been misinformed…it’s Biden’s fault / by design – he has allowed gas prices to skyrocket, and this is what you get. This administration WANTS people to no drive and be mobile…they are trying to force us into electric cars. As gas prices go up, everything we consume is trucked (with gas) and is a big part of inflation. You are going to pay more for everything and you are going to be hurt by this administration, because they are not very fond of you.

The word migrant has just replaces illegal alien…like a herd of antelope or geese. It used to be undocumented, but now its just like ducks headed north for the summer, the migrants just head north from countries below Mexico. Mark says average gas prices will be 6 bucks by mid summer. All the while they will be blaming someone else, it’s like having a football team on the field that you are being forced to play with 3rd string.

Looking at Biden now, do you REALLY believe that he won the election? Do you REALLY believe that more people voted for him that any other president in history? These people are going after everything in our world – using the masses to be Vegan and eat seaweed. Pope Francis is saying world peace is being threatened by Nationalism. Chuck drops biblical verse about the end days – good is evil and evil is good – thats where we are today. Everything is turned around and upside down.

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