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Putin May Have Overplayed His Hand – Ep. 705

Today’s show rundown:

Well the State of the Union is not great. We all know that, no matter what Joe Biden says tonight, we all know better. First of all, Joe Biden sanctioned all of us first. He drove a steak through the hear through our most precious commodity, Keystone Pipeline, just shut it down. We are sending Javeline missiles over to Ukraine, but we are still buying Russian Oil to the tune of being their 3rd biggest consumer. The Democrats have answers for everything and solutions for nothing. They are fast talkers and slow learners. Mark wonders though, are they not just getting the exact results they want?

Mark believes Biden is going to take a victory lap tonight. He will claim he created all these jobs that were lost due to COVID. He will claim he passed the Infrastructure Bill. He will talk Afghanistan. It is going to get to the point where the American people are sick of him. We are sick of all of it. Will he call an end to a Pandemic tonight?

Why are we still buying Russian Oil? Why hasn’t Russia been kicked out of the UN Security Council? Putin is treating to invade Sweden now? China is supporting Putin, what a surprise. There is never debate on Climate Change. We are told to trust your government, but we have proven how fun that can be with COVID. So what is the deal with Global Warming, according to our Government it is “settled science”. We have a God given resource in America’s Oil Reserve – and thats the first thing the tree huggers go after.




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