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Racism is the new Euphemism for Capitalism (according to the Left) – Ep. 726

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck was watching NBC, and it appears that every problem is racism / and or white superiority, and apparently lots of people are buying it. Mark says racism has become a euphemism for capitalism – these are socialists that are going after capitalism by calling it racism. Chuck says China is successful because it is a communist country that implements capitalist things that grew China. But trying to explain this to people is like talking to a wall.

Still, according to the Left, the Government has NOTHING to do with our current state of inflation. It’s all the fault of Russia invading Ukraine. Biden’s approval rating is under 33 percent, but we are to believe that his administration can do something to fix these problems. 33 percent sets a record for how poorly a President is liked, from the guy who says he has to run in 2024 because he is the only guy who can beat Trump.

High gas prices are the motivator for our transfer off of fossil fuels. Biden says we are going through a transition, that god willing , when it is over we will be less reliant on fossil fuels. This is BS, this whole thing is by design, this administration is purposely getting gas from everywhere BUT here…Biden is completely beholden to the far left wing of the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders might have lost the election, but man his agenda sure is being exercised.

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