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Ready for Ron (DeSantis) – an Interview with Lilian Rodriguez-Baz Ep. 730

Today’s show rundown:

Lillian is with an organization called Ready for Ron. Mark brings up the letter we sent to Gov. DeSantis about helping to pay for the busses filled with illegals that he was going to ship north to DC. Lilian goes into what has motivated people to run this PAC Ready for Ron? Who replaces DeSantis after he runs for President? Lilian believes that Florida’s loss would be the Nation’s gain.

All of us are legitimately concerned, because there is a lot going on. Gas prices, the border, people making the minimal federal wage are now paying more for gas. Chuck doesn’t think the American people will tolerate this much longer. Something has got to break the back of this Democrat Cabal, it is just totally out of hand, and the American people have to see it.

Big Tech – no one wants to be censored, big Tech can de-platform people who express views that don’t meet the liberal agenda. DeSantis is passing legislation to disallow this for Florida residents. The more the Left Hates someone…the better they actually are for OUR COUNRTY. That’s how you know you are there, for some reason, Washington doesn’t like success, they create chaos and run on that.

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