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Schumer Shutdown Day 25 – Episode 395

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark start off by discussing the current government shutdown and battle over the border wall in Washington DC. They explain why the shutdown has been much shorter than reported and why cutting out nonessential employees would be beneficial.

Chuck and Mark talk about the media’s meltdown over President Trump feeding fast food to the Clemson football team. The media called it racist, which leads them into a few other recent meltdowns by the media and their ridiculous claims.

They continue by discussing the left’s war against masculinity and their claims of masculinity being a mental disability. They discuss how media has made men look wimpy and pathetic, and how it has convinced young men that they should act like that.

Chuck and Mark finish up today’s show by discussing some of the radical regulations that are causing harmful consequences. They explain how regulations do not fix the behaviors of people who are causing the real issues.

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