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Selling Oil – to Build Back Better??? – Ep. 740

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck talks strategic oil reserve. 60 days of sending oil over seas. The tax payer has already paid for this oil, we were sitting on a mountain of money because it was inexpensive compared to what we are paying today. Why are we giving it away now though…or are we selling it on the open market. Chuck’s theory is that – they haven’t passed many new taxes, they gotta have money coming from some place. How many billions are they making sending this oil out on the market? Could they be doing this to fund Biden’s build back better monstrosity?

Chuck asks Nick about The Fundamentals that a person would need to know as an 18 year old or so, in this country these days. It is depressing when you realize how little people know now, about the government or the country they live in. Nick talks a little about how he tests his students, and that most of them initially fail. We are raising a group of kids who are strangers, strangers to the country they are living in.

Nick gives us a history lesson – Chuck opens the floor up to Nick to tell us some history and explanation on how this country was formed. Who runs our school system now – we can all agree it is the Left, for 100 years or so, but how did that happen? Conservatives went into medicine, law, they wanted to make money. We allowed this to happen, conservatives kind of shunned public service, the pay is less than the private sector, but your benefits will be good.

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