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Slaps, Putin, & Hunter Biden – Ep. 712

Well, Hunter Biden was back in the news on Fox at least, about how this case is moving along. Federal Prosecutors are not impressed with what the DOJ is doing here. What is being investigated isn’t going to go anywhere. We haven’t heard the name Hunter Biden in over 259 days…interesting what they choose to cover. Meanwhile the NYT finally admits that the Hunter Biden Laptop story is TRUE. Chuck thinks he can speak for the whole world here when we have finally discovered that Joe Biden is the worst President the US has had in a hundred years. We elected these people who could care less about us, and we then re-elect them.

Mark gets quiet…he moves to a whisper…Biden and his “pay your fair share”. If Putin used chemical weapons, Biden says we will respond in kind….what the heck is he saying, that we would use chemical weapons too? We are living in a world, a fantasy world, its not real, and they don’t believe where they live. Speaking to US troops, Biden said look at how the people are fighting back…IE….to see what they are doing, you have to GO THERE…what does he mean? Kamala Harris is so lazy, she doesn’t even read the briefs, which is why she does so poorly in front of the camera?

Will smith and Trump are the same guy according to the mainstream media. It is Trump’s fault that we have now normalized violence, you can’t make this stuff up. The guys talk the Will Smith / Chris Brown slap, Chuck calls this Oscars the most classless event he has ever seen. Mark wants Chucks take on did Chuck think the audience giving Will applause was because of group think thing, or was it something unique to Hollywood? Has Hollywood devolved to a place with no moral compass?

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