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Sugarless – w/ Dr Nicole Avena – Ep. 829

On Today’s Episode –

Today’s episode is less about politics and more about your health.  Our guest today is Dr. Nicole Avena, a returning guest to the show.  Mark gives us a little history about Nicole’s CV, and then dives right in.

If sugar was discovered today, it might be a controlled substance.  It would be less known as food, and more like a drug.  Sugar is no different than other street drugs except it is pervasive and more accepted.  Nicole tells us a little about the addictive nature of sugar.  Humans evolved to like the taste of sweet.  We relate sweetness with safety and health.  We need to stop using sugar as a reward and treat it more like a drug that harms us.

When we look at the data, the average human consumes about 22 teaspoons of sugar per day.  The Doctors talk a myriad of topics related to how. You can help yourself get. Rid.  Of sugar in your diet.

Tune in for all the conversation.

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