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Systemic Complacency, it’s Time to Wake Up – an interview with Suzanne Gallagher – Ep. 671

Today’s show rundown:

Pete Buttigieg says that the incredible economic policies of the Biden administration have kept us from the jaws, of the teeth if a recession. What a crock. Washington always has a one size fits all mentality. They have no credibility, because like with COVID, they will not count people that have had it, and how they are protected even better than a vaccinated person. One size fits all, is just unreasonable, totally and completely clueless. The Federal Government has three REAL purposes, to maintain a standing Army, Courts, law enforcement branch to protect the citizenry.

Mark has come to the conclusion that he is part of 2 of the most hated minority groups in the country. It is now OK to HATE “these people who are abusing you”…being in the top 1% of earners. Also, as an unvaccinated person, Mark is not allowed to go to a restaurant in NYC or California. Lightfoot claims the Chicago police are not honoring the oath they swore, by NOT wanting to get the vaccine. This administration is just trying to divide us under the banner of unity. We are seeing State sponsored bigotry, against certain groups of Americans.

We meet our guest Susanne Gallagher from Parents Rights and Education, who is trying to fight back against the Marxist situation with school boards now days. In Idaho in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, just recently where parents were invited, parents lined up. But the board scheduled the meeting on a Friday at 1PM. How many people did they really want to come. We need to stop systemic complacency, we need to pay attention. These people on the school boards have overplayed their hand, they have shown how little they think of Parents how dim they think they are. They don’t think that anyone besides them knows anything about raising kids.

The School Boards are now admitting that they are not Institutions of Learning, they are now Social Service organizations. Parent are waking up to the fact that when you drop your kids off at school, many of these places are not teaching your kids the same lessons that you would want them to teach. We have to stop this at the local public school levels. We need to elect people who WE want to represent us at the local school board level. The Left has become so drunk with power, thinking that they are untouchable, and boy, have they awoken a sleeping giant with this schools vs Parents issue.







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