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Newsweek Draws Parallels Between Donald Trump And Charles Manson

Two Things happened yesterday: serial killer Charles Manson died and Newsweek complained that calling them “fake news” destroys democracy. Today, Newsweek published a piece comparing President Trump with the deceased brutal murderer in an effort to show what real news is all about. Thank goodness they were able to preserve our democracy and their stellar… Read more »

Shaun King On Trump’s Feud With LaVar Ball: Ungrateful Is New N Word

On Sunday, Shaun King, provocateur and writer for multiple progressive publications, tweeted the following: Ungrateful is the new nigger. — Shaun King (@ShaunKing) November 20, 2017 Suffice it to say, people didn’t take kindly to King’s word choice. Here are the best responses: You’ve clearly lost your damn mind Shaun — Tay (@tempTAYYtion)… Read more »

Piers Morgan Argues Guns Are The Same Thing As Big Macs

It is often believed that smarmy British twit Piers Morgan was fired from CNN because his condescending views on gun control were deeply offensive to Americans, but I have another theory: I think he was shit-canned because his anti-gun rants were so insane the left feared he would hurt their cause and make them all… Read more »

MUSLIMS RIOT IN BRUSSELS – Stores Looted, Christmas Market Attacked

Last week Moroccans rioted in Brussels after Morocco qualified for the World Cup. Hundreds of Moroccans flooded the streets, broke windows and started fires. Part of the City Center was damaged. A Christmas market was attacked. Riots at Christmas market in Brussels. Arabs storm the area. THIS is what regressive Democrats want for us and… Read more »

Franken Reportedly Will Not Resign

Despite calls from his Republican and Democratic colleagues alike to step down after allegations of sexual misconduct, Sen. Al Franken is reportedly refusing to go anywhere. When his hometown paper The Star Tribune asked over the weekend whether he planned to resign, a spokesperson for the Minnesota Democrat said, “no.” “He is spending time with… Read more »

JMU to Offer ‘Black Lives Matter’ Course Examining ‘Human Rights in Era of New Jim Crow’

Class will look into ‘radical resistance to state sanctioned violence against black and brown communities’ A course titled “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) that examines the controversial movement’s strategies “to defend human rights in the era of a New Jim Crow” will be offered this spring at Virginia’s James Madison University (JMU). The class, given as… Read more »

CNN Panel Gets HEATED Over Hillary’s Past With Bill

A panel on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday got testy over whether Hillary Clinton was held accountable for how she treated Bill Clinton’s accusers. CNN commentator Amanda Carpenter said, “I want to go back in terms of the talk about accountability. I think there’s an argument that Bill Clinton was held accountable. The… Read more »

There’s New Accusations Against Bill Clinton – And They’re Gross

There are new allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton… It was only a matter of time. With everything that has come out in the past few weeks, I was shocked that Bill hadn’t been targeted yet. There have been rumblings about how people should reconsider the OLD allegations, but so far I hadn’t heard… Read more »