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Taxes on the Poor and Middle Class – Ep. 729

Chuck says “listen, Biden, and the rest have declared a war on fossil fuels – and guess who is winning – they are…guess who is losing, you, me, and every American citizen! Biden’s answer is solar panels from China – so while you are buying gas for over 5.30 for regular in MI, we have records for the past 28 days. Are Americans goin to continue to tolerate this incompetence from this administration? Will they SEE that the Democrats have done this, not Putin…and will they then NOT vote for them?

You can pretty much do anything and get away with it if you are a Democrat in Washington DC. But boy are the Republicans vulnerable. The Left would put Trump in jail if they could right now, but they are doing everything they can to get him to NOT run. We have a Democratic Party that has declared war on the American People. Gas prices are double, thats a fact, long before Putin’s Price Hike. The Biden Admin this week – are literally taking victory laps on gas prices saying look what we have done to bring them down.

Taxes on the poor and middle class – this is what is really happening. Inflation is a tax on the poor, the people that The Left are saying they are after “The Rich” – they aren’t affected, its the family making 50K a year who now can’t afford to go on a trip, or in some cases go to work. They want to keep people stuck in their homes, wearing masks, afraid of everything, totally dependent on them.

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