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Taxes, Taxes, Taxes – an Interview with Steve Hays – Ep. 647

Today’s show rundown:

Mark and Chuck get stopped by listeners frequently how cool is that
Mark found out that we were a sliver away from losing our country
We could have had reinforcements at The Capitol but Pelosi wanted it to happen
This Capitol hearing is the 3rd impeachment trial of Trump
Chuck Woolery is not an ignorant slut
Unrealized Gain tax – keep your eyes on it
Mark explains unrealized gains a bit
500K and 1M jobs eliminated with the Tax Bill
The current tax/job bill has been in for over 50 years
The work around is to set up trust accounts
But trust accounts can be tricky and difficult
The Left does not want to be bothered by the constituents
We need to find out how much TAX we ACTUALLY pay
Chuck talks “Progressive” tax – Woodrow Wilson
Biden says “no serious economist thinks inflation will happen” – what a joke
How does Biden explain the housing price increase
The Left thinks they are smarter than they are
Steve says get educated on Taxes
There is a tax bill on the floor HR-25
Contact your congress person and support HR-25


More about Steve Hayes:

Steven L. Hayes graduated with honors from the University of Arkansas and the University of San Francisco Law School. As a self-described “recovering” tax attorney he spent considerable time and resources investigating alternatives to the income tax. Based on his research, including interviewing tax practitioners, business owners, employees and economists, he determined the best solution was to eliminate the income tax and the IRS and replace them with a national retail sales tax collected by the states. In 1990, Mr. Hayes joined and became President of Citizens For An Alternative Tax System (CATS), a non-profit 501(c)(4) lobbying organization, which was the 1st organization dedicated to the idea of replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax. He was also instrumental in forming the Florida FairTax® Educational Association, Inc., (FFETA) and currently serves on the FFETA board of directors. Hayes has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, had numerous articles published in newspapers and magazines, and regularly speaks to groups of citizens around the country about why we must eliminate the income tax and the IRS and replace them with a national retail sales tax. Mr. Hayes has testified before the House Ways And Means Committee and former Congressman Jack Kemp’s Tax Reform Committee. He is widely sought after as a subject matter expert on tax reform panels and forums.

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