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Teaching Kids Financial Literacy – an Interview with Chad Willardson – Ep. 736

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck starts us off with a Biden / Harris. They are a raving success – when your goal is to destroy and dismantle the American way of life. These are the ultimate people of deflection, who will constantly accuse you of doing what they are doing. Thy will turn over every stone to find any means possible to circumvent the laws of this land, to get to their goals.

Mark talks about how he knows Chad, and tells us a little about him. He is like all of the entrepreneurs – people with ADHD who are unemployable. Because the types of people need so many things to hold their interest, they have to go out and create their own worlds. Chad says, they are misfits, too many ideas all going through their mind at the same time.

Chad has a new book out, it is his third book “Beyond the Money” which is out in September. What a huge commitment it is to write a book, Chuck says its easier to read them. The guys dig in and get to ask Chad question about what he thinks the financial future could look like. – join the waitlist

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