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Texas Democrats Fail Their Voters – an Interview with Mayes Middleton – Ep. 645

Today’s show rundown:

The Biden Administration has shown it’s cards
We are under assault from the Left
Our Borders are WIDE OPEN 1200+ families per day just coming in
Cuba – DHS says they will return Cubans who come here illegally – why is this? Because they vote Republican
American Marxism – read it – the seduction of Marxism is all about not being responsible
Marxism kills Innovation
People are highly dis-approving Biden’s take on Gun violence and corruption
66% of Our Country think Biden isn’t in charge
We get to meet our guest Mayes Middleton
Texas House Democrats – what the Hell is going on here
These Democratic politicians quit on Texas / quit on the people who voted for them
Austin and the legislature there is being transformed into California
Texas REJECTED what the Democrats are selling
Texas does NOT want Boys playing girls sports protecting the integrity of girls sports
These people are trying to for Liberal DC policies on Texas
Can the Texas Governor do anything if these lawmakers do NOT show up?
The hypocrisy of the Left is unbelievable
The Constitution is NOT supposed to be used a la cart
What is the end goal for opening the border and letting people pour in

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