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Texas Freedom Caucus – w/ Briscoe Cain – Ep. 784

Today’s Show Notes

So we have a choice in this country now Chuck says. We’ve seen the past 2 years with the Biden adminstration – we have a choice between their Chaos or civilization. Our county is in chaos. Within the red states, the large cities are always blue – Texas is red, but Austin is blue. Our civilization is under attack. Obama’s “I will transform America” is in full effect. We’ve got insane inflation, WWIII on the horizon, and there is no end in sight.

We’re going to still try and educate our listeners even if you all fully understand what’s going on. The MSM is all about creating chaos and keeping your eyes off the truth. These people want chaos, even when things are working. Biden talking about these 12 million jobs he created. Even when the only jobs government creates are jobs in Government. The guys talk a little about how people are not getting jobs. No one wants to work. Biden is saying we have the lowest unemployment ever, but in truth we have the lowest participation in working ever which looks like low unemployment.

Mark talks about some construction he is doing in The Free State of Florida. 3 new buildings are opened up and the company has been inundated with people applying with Section 8 housing. To qualify for section 8 housing you can not have a job. This is the same thing that creates a cycle of poverty and a way to be dependent on the government. The Biden admin has opened a new lottery program for people to get on section 87. We are now basically mailing out the rent payment every month. It is still the case – some people are making more money to stay home.

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