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Thanksgiving 2022 – Ep. 773

Today’s Show Breakdown

Chuck starts us off a little lighter today with a personal story. Chuck was watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over the weekend, and at the end of the show they are going to honor Dolly Parton. Chuck is watching and recalls how everybody asks him over his career, what was the high point of his career. In 74/75 Chuck was 8 months into Wheel of Fortune…Dolly Parton was a huge fan of Chuck who got to go to Nashville and do the Dolly Parton show. Chuck realized, singing a duet with her was probably the highlight of his career.

Most people do not take the time to create their own philosophy. Mark says most people have a mongrel philosophy, things they have heard or how they came up dictates their philosophy. Taking time to sit down and write down your values. Take time to compare those to what you hear in the news.

We have over 6 million people illegally crossing the border, and we can NOT find people to take jobs. Part of the issue that is going on in “The Great Reset” the DAVOS / UN True Globalists – they are conditioning you to believe that the abundance that has been the U.S. till now was an anomaly. That America and the West in general needs to learn to live in a post abundance world…you will own nothing, and you will be happy for it.



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