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The Administrative State – An Interview With Richard C. Lyons – Ep. 772

Today’s show rundown:

Mark starts us off today introducing our Guest Richard Lyons (see Bio below for links and for links to his books). We are a week plus out from the election, and we still do not know who is running America. Chuck says everyone is trying to blame Trump and the people he backed. The real problem is Mitch McConnell who lost the Senate all on his own. He defunded all Nevada and New Hampshire…he decided who to accept in the Senate and who he wouldn’t. This is Mitch Mconnell’s mess and we are going to pay the price for it.

Richard says it’s disastrous to enemies of the Left, because we are divided. The elites on the Right don’t like Trump, so anyone he supports or endorses, they make sure those people wont win. Trump coming out and going after Youngkin and DeSantis is a bad look. But Trump has been gone after since he came down the escalator, and it feels like he is on defense throwing lawmakers whenever he can. Again though…Trump’s policies are outshined by his personality. He has great policies but Trump is just hard.

Mark jump to NBC news story – pulling the story on Paul Pelosi. Miguel Almaguer – this guy did a report right as the event happened. This report had Pelosi and the attacker in the house for 30 minutes. NBC has scrubbed their website of any traces of this story, and they sent old Miguel to Siberia…what the heck is going on here…whats the real story, why are they hiding this original story, why wont they even talk about it? NBC has since suspended Miguel and now say “we cant comment on personal matters”



Richard C. Lyons is a multi-award winning, critically acclaimed author from the Midwestern United States. Lyons was educated at Loyola Academy, the University of North Texas and Southern Methodist University. Lyons has enjoyed a professional career in printing, publishing and stage production. The author is also an award-winning screenwriter. Find out more about him at


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