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The Alternate Reality of the Left – Ep. 717

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck heard a guy on Tucker recently, super smart guy, he said something in closing – he said, a Democratic Heaven is America in Hell – nothing could be closer to the truth. People were cheering last night on plane after plane – the mask mandate is gone. The HUMANITY – the mainstream left media is up in arms, but it sure looks like the Biden Administration will not be challenging anything.

Biden’s call with Obama where he is going to run in 2024, how nuts is that. The most interesting development in the past year and a half is how the Left, has never given credit, but are admitting that Trump was right on everything. Isn’t the Biden administration just the group of “orange man bad”, it must be the opposite of Trump. If it works for the American people, they are not for it.

Another thing that has happened that people have caught onto, is whatever number is generated from Washington, no one believes it. No numbers really work, they are right not to believe this false Government. Trump was the single person to expose the corruption and bureaucracy in Washington. Now we need to figure out what we can do about it. The Left will tell you if you support Donald Trump, you are a White Supremist.

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