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The American People are Paying for The Left’s Agenda – Ep. 741

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck starts us out talking about England’s “climate disaster”. Biden is just a one demented breath away from declaring a crisis emergency / or will try to do it. This is part of what they tested during COVID – even the Left was surprised how quickly the nation buckled under the COVID Shut Down. Chuck suggests humbly – just don’t do it, just don’t go places where they are enforcing these ridiculous mask mandates.

Biden was hoisted on us by the Democratic Party – and the American people are paying the price for it. People who know nothing about energy, transportation – his cabinet is filled with unqualified failures. They live in a fantasy world, thinking that we as a modern society can exist on ONLY renewable energy. Over 70 percent of all electricity created, is made from FOSSIL FUELS.

Just look at how the media has turned on the Left…they are turning on each other. We know that there are multiple people in congress taking these dementia medication. Mark believes that they are dosing him up with Armodafinil and Namenda – both cognitive meds to help him just be normal – and he still shakes hands with people who are not there.
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