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The Big Lie – is The Big Lie – Ep. 691

Today’s show rundown:

What Chuck expects to hear from Biden is Jan 6th is a day that will go down in infamy. Although it seems that only the people in DC are the ones who think this way. Everyone now, around the world knows that Fauci is just a mess. Mark’s current Doctor told him, “I have 2 medical degrees, and I am supposed to take medical advice from someone with dementia”. Every answer from the MSM is “you must be vaccinated and boosted”, that’s the answer for everything.

The CDC is now admitting they can’t tell us the numbers of people who died WITH COVID, vs. the people who died FROM COVID.

Iran’s response to Biden’s deal…Iran is saying that the 72 people who worked for Trump in the state department will be murdered by Iran on American property. Nobody is talking about this, Chuck heard it on Fox Business.

They will never investigate Pelosi, why they didn’t want there to be security in the capitol even after Trump requested it. When you look at hat is important to the American people, Jan 6th comes in at about number 7. We are all more concerned with inflation, and how Biden’s plan isn’t working, and is harming.

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