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The Business Owner’s Dilemma – an Interview with Ali Nasser – Ep. 742

Today’s show rundown:

Mark starts us out with The Left going out of their minds. The big problem is over the past weekend there were 2 shooting events, where legally armed citizens brought the encounter to a halt. These were mass shootings that were stopped before anything escalated. Coverage of these shootings have been spun in a negative light, and twisted. This killed the narrative of the Left for legal carry in this country.

Why can’t people on the left figure out that their policies are failing. Illinois lost the equivalent of the entire population of Springfield Illinois. San Fran has lost hundreds of thousands of people. There is an exodus out of Blue Cities, and they are moving to Red Cities. People with their feet, they vote with their money. They are leaving these loony cities by the car loads.

Mark introduces us to Ali Nasser, a friend of his through Strategic Coach. Ali has a new book called “The Business Owner’s Dilemma”. Ali tells us a little about his background and the guys get into Entrepreneurship. Listen in for all the chats.


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