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The Damage Done, and Moving Forward – an Interview with Rory McShane – Ep. 752

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck says the root cause of all our problems is COVID, more specifically how we handled COVID as a country. So we have been mislead by the CDC. The teachers union, airplane pilots, you couldn’t keep your job if you didn’t get the jab. Fauci and the Biden Administration did so much damage that we may never be able to recover from it. We took all the people who didn’t want to stick the “VAXX” into themselves and we threw them out of their jobs.

We are introduced to our guest Rory McShane (see bio below). He talks this new generation of strategists working with the Republican Party. There is a whole thing going through the CNN’s CNBC saying they have no chance to send the senate back because they have all these anti trumpets coming in and that we can’t take back the house. All Chuck hears is that there will not be a Red Wave, he wants to know what is going on, it is just Mid-Term Garbage?

Interesting that the Democratic Party and Biden have reversed every single thing Trump did that worked. Chuck says all you need to do to win the next election is run on the things Trump did, juts like it’s 2016 again, the border, crime, etc. The Left’s only hope is to keep this Jan 6th clown show going on till November. Mark said that they have introduced the new language that they are “trying to save our democracy”.

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