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The FBI is Out of Control – Ep. 763

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck tells us he is the 81 year old version of Chuck Woolery. Our cities are just flooded with crime. Stabbings, shootings, robberies, and it is all the Left’s fault. Their social justice model has no justice at all. People don’t stop for red lights any more, WaWa gets invaded by 100 juveniles. This stuff has to stop – Chuck says you HAVE to get out there and VOTE. It’s so bad now that if you actually are a proponent for filling the law, very quickly you will be blamed for being a racist.

A Pastor who is a pro-life Catholic preacher, put in handcuffs in front of his children, while the FBI pointed weapons at him and his family. He was arrested for what they are calling a violation of the face act (a federal law used to limit what actions can be taken by pro life protestors). Mark goes in to explain the rediculousness of this crap.

The FBI also went in and raided a company with private security boxes. They went in and emptied out 86 million in cash and jewelry of privately owned boxes – this is in Beverly Hills. They did this because the people who owned the building were arrested for money laundering, not the people who had the boxes. A year later, the FBI is STILL holding these people money and things who have committed no crime. Inside whistle blower at the FBI is telling us that the FBI’s budget is being moved from real crime to more Jan 6th bull stuff.


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