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The For-Profit Race Hustling Industry – An Interview with Melik Abdul Ep. 686

Today’s show rundown:

Chucks picturing Joe Biden going into a chess match with other world leaders, who would Biden beat lol? We have a president who no one has confidence any longer, and you cant cover for him any longer, he is just a disaster. Basically, we have put a person in the Presidency who is dealing with some sort of age-related dementia.

Omicron – it is highly contagious, but it isn’t very virulent. Over a month ago, we explained to our listeners that this is how viruses work. Over time they become easier to spread, but less deadly, the virus doesn’t want to kill the host. But no one is talking about this, why does mainstream media NOT cover these facts?

We meet Melik Abdul from Project 21. He has been in D.C. for 20+ years. What is Project 21, what is its purpose and what is it? Melik sums it up as – Project 21 exists to get the conservative message out there. It acts as a hub for the conservative movement, especially blacks in the conservative movement. Melik talks a bit about where we are now as far as racism goes, and how MLK would feel about the situation now days.

A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Project 21 member Melik Abdul has been an “East of the River” resident of Washington, D.C. for close to 20 years. After several years of working on political campaigns, he began consulting with conservative groups to help them build out their communication and policy infrastructure. He also advises federal, state and local leaders, as well as political candidates, on communication and minority engagement strategies.
He is a regular political commentator on networks including the Fox News Channel, One America News, the Black News Channel and HILL TV. He can also be found in print, on radio and on local television.
First appointed by President George W. Bush in 2004, Melik worked in the federal government for well over a decade in various public affairs and congressional liaison roles.
Melik earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of the District of Columbia.


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