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The Horror of Forced Organ Harvesting – An Interview with Mitchell Gerber and Dr. Tohti – Episode 616

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark talk with guests Mitchell Gerber and Dr. Tohti about Falun Gong.


Today’s show rundown:

  • Mark & Chuck are super spreaders of Blunt Force Truth – There aren’t actually any super spreaders for COVID – Sturgis Rally proved this false
  • Is being outside and getting Vitamin D and being in the sun better for you than being stuck inside during COVID?
  • Hunter Biden smoking “parmesan cheese” & Having a child with a woman and not remembering her
  • You can run ads on Facebook for Human Trafficking but not Conservative Politics
  • Mark – introduces the guests Mitchell Gerber and Dr. Tohti
  • Mitchell is South African born, raised in America (Georgia), and now about 100 miles from the Chinese border
  • The Left are turning a blind eye to Chinese atrocities for money
  • Tohti was a Physician in China – he talks about his experience
  • China internally is a very Racist society – where non-Han Chinese are severely discriminated against
  • Description of Falun Gong (1 out of every 13 people practiced this 100 million people)
  • The CCP demonized Falun Gong to send hundreds of thousands of people to state mandated hospitals to force organ harvesting.
  • We hear a story from Dr. Tohti about Western Mountain Execution Grounds – designated in 2014 by the government, but in 1995 it was just barren mountains in the wild
  • Mitchell goes into how groups fighting against these actions infiltrated the groups that are forcing the organ farming of the country’s minorities in particular the Falun Gong practitioners.
  • Proof that the CCP man-made the COVID virus
  • Chuck talks about how China has spread all this money all over the globe so there is NO opposition to them
  • The Reign of Terror that is the CCP
  • History on how Dr. Tohti got out of China
  • Little Background on Mitchell and how he got into all this
  • Epoch Times – every listener should subscribe to it –


For More information on this episode’s content see the links below:


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The Kilgour Matas Report Confirming the irrefutable evidence:

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On the 17th June, 2019, the China Tribunal delivered its Final Judgement and Summary Report:


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