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The Inquisition of January 6th – Ep. 731

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck says all the countries we try to influence are laughing at us with this “Kangaroo Court” Jan. 6th proceedings. They are having a stacked deck inquisition. It is all a set up, just like Jan. 6th was a set up. Do the American people buy this? The Dem’s and the Left want to separate Donald Trump from his base. This is not Putin’s price rise, Putin has nothing to do with the war on Fossil Fuels that Biden declared on the day he went into office.

Gas prices were up 55 percent before Putin did anything. You watch CNN about how much of a liar Trump is, but man, Biden takes the cake there. This is all green new deal, Warren, Sanders, and Biden has become their messenger. These policies are a disaster, and you better change it in November, these Democrats have no business controlling your life. Whats even nuttier than Biden, the Left thinks he is not left enough.

The Inquisition – every news outlet is airing this…to the tune of 15 million viewers, with is less than half of Chuck’s shows when they aired. For some reason this am, they cancelled the Wednesday Inquisition. The left are liars, they think you are stupid and they count on that. We have a President going microphone to microphone talking about how this is the best economy ever, and we are in the middle of a recession. This is the old joke of Napoleon…are we retreating on Russia…no we are advancing on Paris.

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