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The Left Can Never Survive on the Truth – an Interview with Steve Toth – Ep. 641

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck learned about John Adams getting censored for saying “Slavery”
Abraham Lincoln carried John Adams body off the floor of Congress when he passed
The Left Can never survuive on the Truth
The White House is celebrating that it is cheaper to have a BBQ this year than last (16 Cents cheaper)
94 people shot in Chicago over the weekend
Can we get a “Patriotic Week” over here?
How Canada got its name – a joke from Dr. Young lol
Canada is passing a law making it a 20K fine for the use of Hate Speech
We meet the guest Steve Toth
The Dark Heart of the Left, being projected onto us
Steve went to the border with Pres. Trump
The Federales are completely hands off with the Northern States in Mexico
Kamala Harris went to El Paso where we have a “Big, Beautiful Wall” – but she wouldn’t go to the Rio Grand Valley
Thousands of these “ID bracelets” all along both sides of the river
We had the Border Problem FIXED under Pres. Trump
Did the Democrats WANT the border states to get a Higher COVID Rate?
Texans have a sense of love for their land and their State
Did The Alamo drive the cost of freedom and liberty to Texans?
Teachers being told that you can teach CRT so long as you don’t teach History
Steve’s Bill started as a social studies Bill – been looked at by the Attorney General
Action Civics, or iCivics, protest Civics – renaming CRT
Marxism is Bigotry – reducing everyone to the lowest common denominator
The Black people that are attacking Asian’s are doing so due to White Supremacy
Why does the Left want to separate us?
Chuck talks about his old Pastor
Our Rights come from God


About Steve
Steve Toth is a former Texas State Representative, an ordained minister and a local small business owner. Having, once again, heard the call to serve, Steve believes it is imperative to defend our Constitution.
Babette and I have decided it’s time to step up and fight to reverse the progressive trend in Texas. This is our time to answer the call and we do so with a great deal of excitement.
Steve has a proven and verifiable conservative record.
My candidacy will flow from deeply held conservative principles and a belief that government is overreaching, inefficient, and all too involved in our affairs.
Steve Toth is an entrepreneur located in Montgomery County. He owns two small businesses, Acclaim Pools, a local design and build firm, and My PoolXpert, a pool maintenance company. The Houston Chronicle has featured Steve Toth in the Business Section and his firm, Acclaim Pools, has been highlighted in several industry trade publications.
Texas State Representative
While a member of the Texas House, Representative Steve Toth gained a reputation as a firebrand conservative. He authored and successfully passed several pieces of legislation, most notably the Federal Firearms Protection Act, making it a Class A misdemeanor to interfere with a Texan’s Second Amendment right, and the CSCOPE Transparency Act, which brought the liberal indoctrination curriculum known as Common Core under the oversight and approval of the State Board of Education.
Representative Toth earned the title “Taxpayer Champion” and garnered an ‘A’ score from Texans For Fiscal Responsibility. He was also named “Courageous Conservative” by the Texas Conservative Coalition. Among other distinctions, Toth was honored as “Top Rated Conservative in the Texas House” by the Texas Eagle Forum and received a 100% rating from the Texas chapter of Concerned Women for America. In addition, he obtained the second highest score in the Texas legislature from Young Conservative of Texas and also held one of the highest scores in the Texas Legislature with Texas Right to Life.
Toth states, “In the Texas Legislature, my voting record reflected my values. It doesn’t stand as a contradiction to what I and the people of Texas value.”
Representative Toth was also a contributor to CNN, FOX News and Fox Business News.
Family Life
Steve Toth resides in Montgomery County with his wife of 31 years, Babette, and their three children. He is an ordained minister who has served as a teaching pastor and elder at WoodsEdge Community Church for 10 years.

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