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The Left Loves to Operate in Chaos – Ep. 689

Today’s show rundown:

Biden is blaming the meat companies (the meat Cartel) for the price of meat, the oil companies for the price of oil, blaming anyone who is involved with the inflationary problem our government has put us in. Republicans are the party of freedom, party of business, albeit they lack backbone. Dems are the party of government, and lockdowns. The Left runs to places where they aren’t locked down to have fun without their masks.

126 International studies have been done that prove the mask does NOT work. Chuck thinks personally that the American people have caught on. CNN MSNBC, the legacy papers…. we are all sick of it. Tired of being lied to and told what to do and how to do it. Is it over???Is the Pandemic over because the masses will revolt against Fauci and his army of fascists. The Left loves to operate in Chaos

The left wants to make the country ungovernable…right out of the books…Marxism. Until you can destroy government, get rid of the Constitution and the Supreme Court. This country still leans RIGHT…but if you listen to the mainstream media, you will think the whole country is far left. We hear about the Supreme Court are a far right “radical” threat to “Democracy”.

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