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The Left Really Has No Plan (except chaos) – Ep. 766

Today’s show rundown:

Here’s the chatter this week – since Biden went to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil, OPEC is in the headlights because Biden’s Administration has mishandled our resources. We need to punish Saudi Arabia according to Biden. Chuck says we need to punish THE BIDEN ADMIN, no one else. We have plenty of oil here, he has declared war on fossil fuels here, it is just foolishness. Mind you Biden called the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia a murderer, then goes over there and tries to fist bump him, and now he’s a murderer again.

Chuck has never been one to go along with conventional wisdom, he doesn’t think it is conventional or very wise. He thinks is quite stupid most of the time. Mark says – Chuck Woolery is one of the wisest people he knows. Chuck has a tremendous wisdom, and has such a good outlook on the world, he’s even help talked Dr. Mark out of some of his crazy ideas.

So Ye’ is back in the news, with Candice Owens – they went to fashion week in Paris. How many sensitive people have been traumatized by a shirt that says white lives matter. Chuck talks us about the DOJ arresting a pastor with his family that were singing gospels around a planned parenthood facility. They arrested him with guns drawn, while his kids were getting on a bus. The DOJ and the FBI need to be feared right now.

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