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The Left’s War Against our Constitution and Founding Principles – Episode 368

Chuck and Mark kick off today’s show by discussing the “Me Too” movement and the Democrat’s belief of “guilty until proven innocent.” They discuss how the “me too” movement has been dismantled by the left and how that has played out during Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings.

Mark shares a piece from a former professor at Eastern Michigan University, which explains how we are currently in a civil war. Chuck and Mark discuss their thoughts on some aspects of this paper and why this professor was correct about everything he said in his writing.

Chuck and Mark discuss one of many purposeful uses for AR-15 type weapons. They share their recent time together at a gun store in Texas, where they learned about the importance of AR-15s to ranchers and farmers. Chuck explains firsthand experiences that back this claim, and he explains why the left misinforms people about AR-15s.

They continue on about the issues that the NRA is having in New York when it come to purchasing insurance to protect their concealed carry members. Mark explains Andrew Cuomo’s attempt to bankrupt the NRA and his manipulation of the insurance industry.

They consider how those that voiced their support for Venezuela’s socialist government have completely disappeared. They talk about other aspects of the left’s socialist movement that are destroying our nation’s founding principles. They finish up by expanding on the issue of false allegations and what that means for our judicial process in the future.

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