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The Mainstream Media is an Absolute Threat – Ep. 768

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck says its a threat to our Democracy…everything is…according to the Left. Because you are a republican, or you vote Republican – we are NOT a threat to our Republic, nor our we terrorists on the outskirts of Washington waiting to overtake everything. Democrats are great at lying and smearing anyone who threatens their power grab. There is a threat to our Democracy – The Media – is an absolute threat to our Republic.

One of Biden’s recent lies – if the Republicans are elected they will crash the economy. We called this months ago (he would blame the Right for his problems). Biden claims he has reduced the debt by 1.4 trillion dollars. Democrats have historically always bought votes, in Michigan its fix the damn roads, – but how the heck do we hold them accountable. All these Lefty Governors are all coming out as “tough on crime”.

Mark talks about the new Prime Minister in England – a former Goldman Sachs guy, who is a total globalist, the very thing that they (England) were trying to avoid with BREXIT. Kamala Harris – she says she never supported any group to get criminals out – the post that the put on Twitter from HER OWN account tend to disagree. Democrats for some reason have no fear of lying to you – its on tape, you can see it, and they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

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