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The Marxist Left Exposed – Ep. 659

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck’s opening question – what good, if any, has Joe Biden done since he has been in office? Mark really started digging around in his mind to find SOMETHING Biden has done right. In all fairness its seriously hard to find something he has done right. Apparently, he has released FEMA to help troubled Americans in Louisiana. Chucks talks about Biden’s lack of a moral compass, and how he just goes along with whatever his party wants.

Texas anti abortion bill, and how the Left and the Main Stream Media just SLAMMED that. The new election law in Texas makes it more difficult to cheat in an election, but the MSM SLAMS this as well. It’s full out attack Texas right now. Our government wants you to have a COVID ID to vote, but not a real form of voter ID? The Left is so anti-capitalist, they are looking for money wherever they can find it…now they want to tax unrealized gains.

What the Left is really trying to do is to Divide. What could be more decisive that for the them to tell people to hate their fellow citizens because they have more than them (sound familiar)? If you look at American Exceptionalism – this country has out performed the world, freedom, risk-reward, and NOT being like Europe where we CAME from. They want to Kill The Experiment. They want to go back to what our Founders escaped from. It’s like the dog retiring to his vomit.

This whole Marxist type movement that is going on is really coming to a head now. The Left is empowered now to talk about it, right in line with Communism. It has infiltrated every section of our country. Big business in falling in line with Washington because they want to be on the good side of the government. This is one of the reasons these people hated Trump for this, because he exposed this. He forced them out into the light and made them ADMIT what and who they really were.


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