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The Ohio Train Disaster – w/ Special Guest Dr. Bonner Cohen – Ep. 787

Today’s Show Notes

How could Joe Biden’s numbers be 44% right now? Are they padding his approval numbers or just straight out lying. Mark has done some recon here…Mark went to Twitter and found all these stories where Biden tells us all where he has performed miracles. It is an unscientific poll, but Mark went into the comment sections of these tweets. The first 100 responses 7 of them were pro Joe Biden, 93 percent was either ridiculing or straight out calling him a liar. They have to be just making up numbers as they go. We here do NOT believe this 44 percent approval rating.

We are talking to Doctor Bonner Cohen today, and we are talking about the train wreck in Ohio. Mark takes us through all Bonner’s credentials. The Biden admin are the self-appointed “Guardians of the Environment”. So this being the case, is dumping a massive dose of phosgene gas into the atmosphere a good idea? Until recently the worst thing in Ohio was the Cleveland Browns, but now it is clearly the rail system. But what has happened there is a clear example of just how skewed the Biden Admin is. Look at their response to this accident.

We had a freight train laden with hazardous chemicals that crashed, but what was the response. This happened in “flyover country” and are of the country that just doesn’t matter to the ruling class. Can you imagine waking up and knowing that your government thinks you are expendable? Well many of us..are!

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