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The Pressure is Building w/Special Guest John O’Shea Ep. 793


Chuck starts us out today with all the announcements. Mark was sitting on the edge of his seat waiting to see if Joe Biden was going to run again for 4 more years. And the GREAT news is, that Kamala will be their word salading right along with him. How do you get to be the Vice President of the US, but do not know what the FDA is. We wish every branch of government would run up against their limitations and admit it.

We saw Nancy Pelosi recently say that Donald Trump has the right to prove himself innocent. So the people at the highest levels of Government either A have no clue anything about the Constitution, or B they are actively going against what the constitution says. So what do we think about an 80 year old guy running for another 4 years. We think this has nothing to do with age, he is a sick man, dementia showing all the time.

The elephant in the room – Tucker Carlson, no one on Fox will even admit that he is gone. People are wondering why he got fired. He had the number one show, and we don’t even know why he was let go. Chuck believes all he did was to tick off the wrong person. He might not have even known he did it, but the big networks will just move on and hope the audiences move on.

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