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The Principals of Equity – Ep. 759

Today’s show rundown:

Today we are going to talk Gramsci, Antoni Gramsci. We try to do a good job helping you understand where all of this stuff is regurgitate over and over by the Left. Unlike conservatives who have the Constitution which needs no regurgitating, these leftists think their ideology is all brand new, today we are going to show you where it comes from.

Just as we believe in the Constitution and the Bible, the Left has their religion and their people they follow. There are a couple people who have been very influential to the left. Antoni Gramsci and Michel Foucault – these guys are who’s teachings the Hillary’s, the Obamas, people of that age bracket were being taught when they went to college.

They are NOT like us (the Left) they have a different set of values – societal institutions reinforced these values. Why do the Democrats like crime so much? They BELIEVE that the majority is always tyrannical and oppressive. The minority is the paragon of humanity and righteousness. They believe that crime is only committed by people because they are oppressed.

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