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The Religious Nature of Woke Ideology – an Interview with Ethan Peck – Ep. 719

Today’s show rundown:

While you watch this ringing of hands, of the Democrats and the Left on MSNBC, and CNN, they are besides themselves. Elon Musk is the Devil, and you can’t open this country up to ACTUAL free speech. Everyone is screaming at the tops of their lungs saying that Musk’s desire to buy twitter is all about White Power. Mind you, Musk left his birth country of South Africa at 17 because he didn’t want to be conscripted into the military to use force to impose upon black people.

Mark introduces us to Ethan Peck, our guest today. He is a member of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project. Mark explains a little about what / how the Free Enterprise Project does what they do. Ethan is what we like to call a recovering Lefty. Kinda like former smokers, except that being a lefty is worse for your health than smoking. Marxism is very inviting to group of people who feel like they are victims.

Ethan grew up in NYC, a very Democratic area of Long Island. It was almost a given that you were supposed to be a democrat. While living abroad in Israel, he was able to see how news media where he worked, would change words to articles he wrote, he was able to see how the things he was instructed in Liberal Arts college were put into practice real time. The religious nature of the Woke Ideology is really what caused Ethan to come over to the other side.


Ethan Peck is an associate for the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project, the conservative movement’s only full-service shareholder activism and education program. Prior to pursuing a career in political advocacy, Ethan worked as an audio engineer and music producer in New York, as well as a news editor for the Jerusalem Post in Jerusalem. He credits both experiences as instrumental to his eventual departure from the left.
Ethan is well-versed in woke ideology and the social justice mindset, and is hopeful that traditional American values can be communicated effectively across the aisle. He holds a Master’s Degree in Counter-Terrorism from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel.


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