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The Texas Movement to be the Next Brexit – an Interview with Daniel Miller – Episode 339

Daniel Miller is President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, which advocates for Texas to succeed from the union. The Texas National Movement is the largest and most influential political organization in Texas and has held their position for over 20 years. Miller joins the show to discuss the realities and obstacles if Texas pursued the departure from the union.

The discussion goes into the economic and security factors that come with Texas independence. They use historical and international situations to explain these different factors, as well as what will have to be tackled if Texas moves towards their independence. He explains how the U.S. Constitution is the base for finding their solutions.

Mark and Chuck find themselves covering the familiar topic of big government. Miller’s reasoning for wanting to leave the union derives from an out-of-control government and the current attack on the Constitution.

Chuck and Mark finish up by discussing their thoughts on the possibility of Texas exiting the union. As a citizen of Texas, Chuck gives us his current position if there was a vote on Texas succeeding.

About Daniel Miller:

Daniel Miller is President of the Texas Nationalist Movement and has been an outspoken advocate for Texas independence since 1996. As head of the largest and most influential political organizations in Texas, Miller has extensively researched and engaged the issue of self-determination, not just for Texas, but as part of a growing global trend.

He has been featured on every major news network and been interviewed by every major newspaper in Texas and around the world. A featured guest on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, BBC News, RT-TV and many other news outlets, Miller has been a vocal proponent of a fundamental reexamination of the relationship between all states in the Federal union.

In 2011 he authored Line in the Sand, his first book, which addresses the roots of Texas Nationalism and the practical implications of national self-identity for Texans. Taken from years of experience, Line in the Sand has become a primer in the fundamentals of Texas Nationalism. His latest book is Texit: Why and How Texas Will Leave the Union.

Miller, a 6th-generation Texan, was born and raised in Northeast Texas and currently resides in Southeast Texas with his wife, Cara. Both avid Texas music fans, Daniel and Cara operate Radio Free Texas, one of the first online outlets for independent music created in Texas.

Connect with Daniel Miller:


Twitter: @thetexiandm and @TexasNatMov


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