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The Time of Abundance is Over (according to the Left) – Ep. 754

Today’s show rundown:

An interesting thing is going on…Trump has picked a lot of people running in the Senate / House. Mitch McConnell has not, he is not picking people the RNC will support. This feels like the RNC is NOT going to support any of the Trump picks. This means Trump may have to support these people, only he can support them because he is a major fundraiser.

Chuck has been watching CNBD and MSNBC faithfully these past couple weeks, and according to those sources they are painting Trump as Hitler. They HAVE to indict Trump now, and our team believes they will. When they accused Trump of being a Russian asset, the FBI guy who did this, left the FBI – Tim Thibault – you know the guy who covered up the Hunter Biden laptop.

Student Debt – some trucker driving a truck at Walmart is having to pick up the cost of someone who went to an Ivy League school learning about some environmental whack job thing that is unemployable. This is the oldest trick in the book, the Left comes to your door, and says you got big pot holes out here, we will fix them if you vote for us. How is Biden getting the authority to do this student debt bill?

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