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The Truth Loves to be Questioned – an Interview with Ryan Kelley – Ep. 643

Today’s show rundown:

We get a year’s worth of news these days every darn day
BFT now has more listeners per month than prime time CNN
Texas Dem. Lawmakers just get up and leave (on private planes) instead of losing the vote
Kamala Harris is so disconnected from the real world she references a store that has been closed for 13 years
People on The Left are even wanting to Bury Harris as to have her NOT be a candidate
Risking arrest, Mark talks Attorney General Dana Nessel
Nessel is trying to pass legislation making it a crime to disagree with election fraud
Mark introduces Ryan Kelley – who thinks MI AG has ignored her duties
Whitmer had an impeachable offense, and the AG did nothing
Nursing home deaths here in MI
What is the end game for Governor Whitmer
As sick as it is, the Left was fine with collateral damage instead of letting Trump get a win
Simple solutions for problems will never be chosen
Lawmakers flexing power is everywhere these days
Will Ryan Kelley fix “The Damn Roads” here in MI
There is no DOT / DOE / OSHA in the constitution
Ryan was in DC during “The INSURRECTION”
Election integrity is WHY there were millions of people in DC on the 6th
Biggest threats to both the US, and MI – Ryan tells us his take
What would a Governor Ryan Kelley MI look like?
The Left NEVER reaches across the isle to US
Good and Evil can NOT negotiate


Ryan D. Kelley


Leading our state back to prosperity will take a proven leader with a heart for America. That’s Ryan.

Married to his lovely wife Tabitha since 2013, they now have 5 children: Isabella, Aniko, Vincent, Ryan & Jozsef. Ryan & Tabitha have both called Michigan home for most of their lives and currently live in West Michigan. They have two dogs, both Chihuahuas: Rosco and Rolex.

As a small business owner, Ryan understands what it takes for the middle class to work hard for the American Dream. As Michigan’s 50th Governor, Ryan will make sure every Michigan resident is inspired with the American Dream to create prosperity in their own life. Every individual is important and deserves Freedom, Hope, Love, and Prosperity.

Ryan is a grassroots American Patriot stepping up to play his part in making Michigan a national leader and keeping our American Republic strong.



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