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The Voice of an Angel Mom – An Interview with Agnes Gibboney – Episode 456

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark are joined by Agnes Gibboney. Agnes is an Angel Mom and a fully vetted legal immigrant from Hungry. Her son had his life taken by a previously deported Mexican illegal alien almost 18 years ago.

Chuck and Mark ask her about how she lost her son to a previously deported illegal alien. Agnes Gibboney shares how California laws and their criminal justice system failed to bring her son’s killer to justice. She shares how hard it has been for her, and her family, knowing that her son’s killer was let off easy.

They continue to discuss the issues with weak borders and lax laws towards those who enter our country illegally. Agnes shares how the liberal policies in states like California are failing the American people.

Chuck and Mark finish up their interview with Agnes by discussing how many people are not proud to call the United States how. Agnes explains people should be proud to be an American and immigrants coming here should stop bringing the socialist policies they are escaping and embrace the American way.

More about Agnes Gibboney:

Agnes Gibboney is an avid Trump supporter and an Angel Mom. She lives in Rancho Cucamonga and lost her only son in 2002 to a previously deported Mexican illegal alien.

She is also a member of The Remembrance Project – an advocate group for families of relatives killed by illegal immigrants.

Connect with Agnes Gibboney:

Twitter: @agnes_gibboney


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