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The Woke Mob & The Elitist Left an interview with Derrick Hollie – Ep. 669

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck warns that Government is NOT REASON, government is not eloquence, government is force. How is it that parents are getting treated like domestic terrorists when they want the Critical Race Theory instruction to STOP. The Government is saying that the FBI, DOJ is going to be coming into your schools and meetings and such to suppress your voice. Merrick Garland is at war with the American family. The Federal Government has NO business in a school board meeting.

This week’s “One Corrupt Politician” – Merrick Garlands son in law Xan Tanner, Co-Founded the company Panorama. This is the company that sells the curriculum of CRT to schools. This company sells millions of dollars to school boards, also keep in mind they sell a program called SEL which is about dismantling White Supremacy. This company circulates data and booklets instructing school administrators how to get around parents, and how to continue on teaching critical race theory.

We get to our guest Derrick Hollie – Mark and him talk a little about the Ad Business. Derrick explains why he decided to step into the limelight in a public forum. Derrick talks about his work with the Census, how he was tasked to find enumerators, and what types of voters they were going after / targeting. What Project 21 really is focusing on now is energy poverty, families that can not afford basic heating, lights etc. He has been fortunate enough to have gone before congress 5 times to talk about this very topic. But under the guise of Environmental Justice, the Left is trying to shut down the oil and gas companies.


Project 21 member Derrick Hollie is the president of Reaching America, a non-profit group he founded that addresses issues affecting the black community such as criminal justice reform, occupational licensing, energy poverty and free speech. He is a host of the weekly “Reaching America On Demand” podcast.Derrick became engaged in public policy after an extensive career in advertising and marketing. He previously served as executive director of the marketing firm Fresh Solutions Now and president of Global Advertising 1st. He was also the national sales manager for the black-focused Radio One media network (now called Urban One).
He is a graduate of East Tennessee State University, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in broadcast management and communications. A recipient of the ETSU Alumni Award of Honor, he attended the school on a football scholarship and was a member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.


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