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There is Nothing About this Government that is For the People – Ep. 767

Today’s show rundown:

Has “climate change” and the war on fossil fuels cause all this inflation? Oil companies are hesitant to invest in the future, so they have put a halt to all future planning. This is making everything more expensive, shipping, travel, everything. Mark says if we take a look at the new – Green New Deal that is being called the Inflation Reduction Act – where NOTHING is being done to help reduce inflation.

Chuck wants to know “how many things are promoted by our government that you CAN NOT debate – because you are some sort of “Deny-er”. Our country was founded on free speech and debate, if we lose this, you are at the mercy of whomever is in power. The Left loves to shut down debate with words like deny’er now.

PayPal – you need to read the terms of service – Pay Pal “MAY” directly take $2500.00 from your account, if PAYPAL finds you “spreading misinformation”. TikTok terms of service have all your personal data going straight to the Chinese Communist Party. The Biden admin is now recruiting Tik Tok influencers to combat what they call “mis information” So the platform with the MOST mis-information is combining with the Biden administration to help tell us what is bad news?

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