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They Have Lied to us From the Beginning – Ep. 649

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck is flying naked at his house, not in studio today
The Broadband is down @ the BFT Texas Studios
Was it the Russians or China who hacked Chuck’s Internet?
Chuck believes this is the worst government in power FOREVER
CDC is saying the little blue masks don’t work
The N95 masks might work, but who can wear those
Since Obama can have 700 people over for his birthday
Chuck says don’t do what they say, do what they do
Mark agrees this is the MOST TYRANNICAL Government we have ever seen
The end of the Rent moratorium ended yesterday
The DELTA variant of COVID is far less virulent, but if you watch the news
You would think we are under siege
This pandemic is so politicized that you cant trust anybody
Mark’s doctor has advised Mark to NOT take the vaccine because he is not an at risk patient
Operating in Chaos – the Dems speciality
Biden is trying to figure out how to make the VAX mandatory
Defund the police – what a crock
The infrastructure bill and the Human Infrastructure Bill
Mark explains reconciliation (how The Left gets around the filibuster)
The Left wants to change the demographics of this country so they never lose another election
African Americans make up 9% of those being vaccinated
All these Elite Marxists at the top of the Left want you to live like a Marxist, but they don’t
You can NOT trust polling data, the Left is controlling it
Why don’t we have more testing for COVID antibodies?
If there is no test for the Delta Variant, how do they KNOW people have said variant
Why is the government so hell bent on 100% vaccinated rate?


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