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This is the Crazy Hour – w/ Craig DeLuz Ep. 789

Chuck is BACK – and he is asking a question…what do Russia, China and the US have in common? They all are spying on the US. Everybody wants to spy on the people of the United States. Can’t go without mentioning the transgender shooting in Nashville, tragic, just tragic. It is interesting how the mainstream media wanted to avoid the fact that this person in transgender. Mark makes the point; transgenderism is a mental disorder called body dysmorphia.

We are already watching the liberal media portraying the shooter as a victim. That they may have felt shunned by the Christian community. CNN is focusing on the part of the story of “what gender did the chief of police use” when talking about the shooter. The Left is creating new disease states – Christo-Facist (if you believe in God and the Constitution) you should get a red flag according to the Left.

We meet our guest Craig DeLuz from The National Center. We talk Nashville shooting, and then delv into Critical Race Theory and what it means for Black America. Listen in!

What Critical Race Theory Means for Black America

Southern Bread Riots

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