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Two Things Can be Right at the Same Time – w/ Special Guest Kerry Slone Ep. 808

On Today’s Episode –

Mark introduces us to our guest right away Kerry Slone (bio below). Kerry jumps in and gives us a little background into her history. She is a domestic abuse survivor, and she goes into explaining how our justice system failed her and let her abuser (who almost killed her) off with no Felony…all the while asking her if she had a place to hide. This prosecutor was more worried about her win loss record than she was about Kerry.

Her abuse was not as obvious, terms that are thrown out there now days like gaslighting…simple things, and nothing Kerry could do was enough to make this guy pleased. One of the things that keeps women locked into relationships like these is a huge fear of change. People just need to have the courage to say to themselves “I am more valuable than this”.

If the left is so pro-women, why would they NOT want to empower women to defend themselves. Kerry talks about how we live in a culture of martyrdom for victims. Women and children are martyred for the agenda of control as far as the Left is concerned. They have weaponized women again their own best interests with the whole no firearms for women.

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