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Understanding the Border Crisis – an Interview with Jason Piccolo – Episode 410

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark welcome back Jason Piccolo. Jason served in the federal government until he blew the whistle on the Obama administration’s treatment of children detained at the border. He is back on today’s show to shed some light on what is really happening at the southern border.

The show starts by quickly revisiting Jason’s story and background. Jason explains what caused him to blow the whistle on the treatment of children at the border.

Their conversation continues to discuss specific examples of why we have a crisis at the southern border. Jason shares some examples he experienced while working for the U.S. Border Patrol and ICE. They also explain why walls at the southern border have worked in the past.

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Jason explains the dangerous process of illegally crossing the border and the pure evil that is going on the border. They discuss the lack of manpower and technology there to stop the drug smuggling rings. Jason also explains why technology is not the end solution to our border crisis.

Also, they discuss what could cause politicians to want to keep the border open.

Chuck and Mark finish up by getting Jason’s input on what needs to be done to secure our southern border. Jason shares specific remedies to stopping the inflow of dugs into our nation. They also find more about Jason’s book that was just released.

More About Jason Piccolo:

Jason is the author of Unwavering: A Border Agent’s Journey from Hunter to Hunted.  Jason hosts The Protectors Podcast w/Jason Piccolo

Jason has served in the federal government since 2000 as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, U.S. Customs Service and Department of Defense Special Agent, ICE Supervisory Officer, Department of Homeland Security Headquarters’ senior staff officer. Jason worked everything from disrupting Cartel smuggling organizations to high-level terrorism investigation involving Al Qaeda to supervising Fugitive Operations.

Jason served in the U.S. Army from 1993 to 2006, on active duty and in the National Guard. Jason received his commission as an Infantry Officer (Captain) and served a tour in Iraq in 2005/2006 as the Anti-Terrorism officer for the Combined Joint Special Operations Command-Arabian Peninsula.


Connect with Jason Piccolo:

Twitter: @DRJasonPiccolo

Facebook: @officialjasonpiccolo



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