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Variants, Looting, Insanity – Ep. 684

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck talks the new COVID variant which should have been version Xi – according to the Greek Alphabet…. but oh no, we can’t do that, we have to skip all the way to OMNICRON. How insane are these people? Are there levels of insanity that we can grade people on because this is just crazy? If you look at the Democratic leadership, and how many of them suffer from mental illness, anxiety, but some of them are narcissists. Fauci – according to himself, speaks for ALL SCIENCE.

Mark explains a little about how variants of viruses get more contagious, but less virulent because they want to spread to as many hosts as possible, this is just evolution. Will the Left use this new variant as an excuse to shut us down again…at Christmas? There is no proof that the current vaccine will have any effect on this new variant, but we are being told that all adults now NEED to get Booster and all shots.

San Francisco and organized looters. But you can’t call them looters because now that’s racist. All these top end brands got hit over the weekend by coordinated assault but mobs that were over 50 people. All this is while the police are on site, with cameras just letting this all happen. What has happened in the state of California, where you can steal stuff and so long as it is under 900 bucks, nothing will happen to you.


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