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We Saw Democracy at Work – With Nick Giordano – Ep. 779

Today’s Topics

Chuck starts us off with things the mainstream media never cover. The American people tend to get their information from the mainstream media and it’s unfortunate that the people don’t get ALL the news. For instance, President Biden has a whole lot of confidential papers that he took when he was VP and put in the University of Penn. – like the INVESTIGATION into Mar a Lago with Trump. We are going to see the two standards played out on the news, and Trump is NEVER going to be charged now because they would have to charge Biden.

President Biden met up with the Salvation Army, shook hands with the President of the Salvation Army. Biden proceeded to tell this guy that he used to work with the Secret Service in Poland, and other crazy Biden things, and this poor Salvation Army guy looked clueless as to why Biden was telling him this.

We saw Democracy at work, we watched this bear knuckles fight between 20 conservatives fought tooth and nail for their side for who was going to be Speaker of the House. Look at how this was covered, when the Left saw this happen, they didn’t like it and dint want to have dissent at all. This was literally Democracy being practiced live for everyone to see.

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