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What the Government is Hiding From You About COVID-19 – Ep. 650

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck wonders if Andrew Cuomo will be convicted of anything?
Why don’t we take care of our Veterans instead of the illegals flooding across the border
4th Cop that responded to the Capitol Riot has committed suicide
This did not need to happen / it should have never happened
Why is the Biden admin covering for China?
What is different between the PRC and our current Administration
Mark believes that 340 Million guns is what stands in the way of Marxism in America
The Left can’t quit Trump lol
The CDC is going to run the whole country at the rate we are going
Why are the Democrat Marxist party so in favor or cry crime rates
Apple deleted the App for anti vexer’s to meet and date
No more PORK in California
Albany and Sacramento are pits
For not liking corporate welfare, the Left sure uses it a-lot
18 Points of the Vaccine that you might not know
Have you ever heard Bill Gates talk about population control
424K Deaths from medical error last year – why is THAT not an epidemic?
Mark lists supplements that are helpful agains COVID
This is flat out propaganda – disinformation – toe the party line

1. Vaccine makers are immune from liability
2. Vaccine companies (the big 4) have either 1 never brought a vaccine to market, 2 are serial felons or 3 are both
3. The history of attempts to make Corona Virus Vaccines failed over and over – all ended in failure
4. The data gap submitted to the FDA by the makers of the vaccine
5. No access to raw data from the trials
6. There are no long term safety testing or data
7. No informed consent
8. Under-reporting adverse reactions and death from vaccine
9. The Vaccine does NOT stop transmission or infection
10. People who have been vaccinated are catching COVID AFTER being vaccinated
11. The overall death rate from COVID is a 99.74 survival rate according to the CDC
12. Over estimated COVID death numbers
13. Fauci and 6 others own patents in the Maderna Vaccine
14. Fauci is on the hottest for illegal Gain of Function research
15. The virus continues to mutate
16. Censorship and the absence of scientific debate
17. The World’s Virologist is sounding the Alarm
18. What if you already had COVID-19


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